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Relly Boi, born Jerell J. Cohen, came to be on December 15, 1987 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Growing up, Relly was very musically inclined, however, Relly’s mind was pretty set on playing basketball. The sport allowed him to put his energy to positive use and keep his grades up through out his high school career. Then, one day Relly Boi went to a recording studio to see how it would sound if he rapped. It was a smash!! As Relly Boi kept going to the studio, his musical talent continued to mature and grow.


In the Fall of 2008, he enrolled in the Ohio Center for Broadcasting.  This school taught Relly how to make his voice stronger and gave him knowledge towards understanding the "In's" and "Out's" of radio and television. Being extremely fond of Basketball he also spent time playing some college ball for Cincinnati Christian College. His current endeavors include Ghetto Goofy Vol.1 (released in 2012), and the Cooler Than Mixtape he is currently putting together.


With Ghetto Goofy Vol. 1 released everything is coming together for Relly slowly but surely. There was a slip-up which resulted in him having to deal with the Judicial System for his own mistakes, but to make errors is human. No one is perfect and Relly understands that he is no exception. But he is dedicated to his music. And he is ready to take it to the next level and show the world exactly who he is. And he pledges to do that by making the music that is REAL to HIM.


BTW: Relly has the greatest fans in the world. So join the team!!

"Can't knock the way a nigga eating.." - Jay Z

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